Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been eyeballing going here to ZPizza for a while, really the only thing that has stopped us from trying it was it is in Roseville and even that isn't much of an excuse to not scarf on pizza.  (I guess I would drive pretty much any distance for good food, as sad as that may seem.)  It's an easy trip...located right on douglas blvd in a upscale mini-mall.  This location is small (I saw a lot of take-out going on and delivery which would be so cool if there was one nearer to us!) and the ovens are prominent so it got a little warm in there, but there are outside tables with umbrellas if it wasn't hotter outside than in lol.  I would probably would dine on the surface of the sun for good vegan food, as well.  Yup. 

We knew what we were ordering before we went in, since there is only one vegan pizza on the menu--called the "Berkeley" and we got the large between me and the girls.

Shawn's version was GF but it's a pre-made crust that can only be ordered for the personal size.  He also passed on the "meaty crumbles" but ours had them and to paraphrase my daughter Lyric, "If you can have pizza THIS DELICIOUS, why would anyone want to eat abused dead animals?".  From her lips to everyone's ears, right?  And she was right, the whole pie was delicious, can't think of a single bad thing to say.  The veggies were fresh, sliced perfectly...the daiya cheese blend was amazing.  Shawn's crust was thinner than the regular and the usual GF pizza crust similar to the ones we would get from food fight! grocery.  It could be the same crust, actually.  For a salad app, we got the California salad, with greens, avocado, onion, black olives, tomatoes and cucumbers with the balsamic vinaigrette and since my girls love salad we got the large.  Yum, I thought the dressing was fantastic.  

I pretty much want to eat this everyday now.  It was totally worth the short drive for us.  I want to go there again right now, if you get right down to it.  Pros are obvious about this:  the VEGANACITY of the Berkeley pizza is a total A+, the organic produce, the fact they offer slices of pizza and are trying to get the vegan slice up there on a regular basis is nice... and the GF crust option.  The con's are the location, the size of the restaurant itself (like if there are more than 4 of you in a group you might be split up at different tables), and I know that that place is going to heat up, literally, like a pizza oven in the summer.  Look at the size of that oven!  So, for what it's worth I deem this to be 4.75 tomatoes.  Please go there and eat the vegan pizza and let your friends know that food IS love, but slaughter, misery, disease and cruelty have no place on your plate or on the heart.  GO vegan! :)

3984 Douglas Blvd., Roseville CA