Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cha-Ya Vegetarian Japanese {San Francisco, Ca}

Just a hop-skip-jump to the Bay Area for some Cha-Ya Japanese is what I am talking about.  The name says vegetarian, but everything is vegan.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it, er, um...yeah:  it's the shit.

Sushi Combo Dinner:  Kappa Roll, Vegan Roll, Inari $15
 The lack of regular sushi in our lives since leaving Portland has been a real struggle.  We maintained a steady weekly diet for a while at the family's favorite sushi place near Shawn's old job, and frankly I could live off the stuff and never get bored.   Both girls are an eating machine when it comes to sushi so we do make it at home to save a buck or two.

  We had been meaning to check this place out for a while now, especially after one time being up in Berkeley and we had just missed them closing for dinner and boy was that a bummer.  This time we were there at the right time and we got a great table before the dinner rush swarmed in.
The udon from the Vegetable Tempura (served separate), $11.25

  I ordered the Vegetable Tempura, with udon noodles.  The tempura was served on the side and like an appetizer bonus.  I devoured them both very seriously and really didn't want to share with anyone.  Shawn and I also ordered some rolls to share, the kappa (cucumber).  Not very adventurous, I know.  They have a wonderful sushi selection with the usual suspects, then they offer plum, sea vegetable salad, pickled burdock and *shudder* even natto {the worst tasting thing on the planet, sorry....blech!}.

  The gal was very helpful with Shawn's questions on the gluten free options, and he ended up with the Hana Gomoku, mixed sushi bowl.  It was delicious and vibrant looking with lotus root, shitake, green beans, tofu and mixed vegetables over sushi rice.  The portion size was good, but he also snacked on our shared rolls.
Hana Gomoku, mixed sushi bowl $10.50

  Lucy had her own rolls of cucumber and avocado and some of my noodles.  And Lyric conquered the Sushi Combo Dinner, pictured above with miso and sunomono salad.  She ate the whole thing and remembered how much $1 plate sushi she would eat at the other place.  *sigh*  We miss cheap sushi LOL.  The prices were not bad, honestly.  I wanted desert just for the taste experience:  there was vegan cake, ice cream, compotes, fried bananas and oshiruko, with is sweet azuki beans and mochi.  mmmmmm, but dang.  We were just too full, sadly.  Next time...oh yes.  Next time.

Cha-Ya has three locations:
1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA 94709 (510) 981-1213
762 Valencia, San Francisco CA 94110 (415) 252-7825
1386 9th Ave, San Francisco CA 94122 (415) 731-2388

We experienced the Valencia restaurant and we have got to give the Cha-Ya 5 out of 5 tomatoes.  It's small and busy but the girls were happy, our server was knowledgeable and quick.  You seriously cannot beat that food with a vegan stick.  I cannot wait to go back, and SOON.
Satisfied Customers :)

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  1. If you haven't tried Sushi Davis, you might like to. They to a vegan sweet potato sushi that's amazing. It's an all-you can eat price, and you can select from the mostly fish buffet, or order anything off the menu, where there are a number of vegan choices.