Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Loving Hut

I don't know about you but I am tickled pink there is a Loving Hut within driving distance.  And like you, I am thinking, "Why is this in Elk Grove?" and also, "Elk Grove is booty".  Ok that last one could just be me.  

From Sacramento going south on 99, it's just off the freeway on Elk Grove Blvd.  Take a right and another right into one of the shopping plazas and tucked in the back you will find the LH.  From the outside, you are deceived to thinking it's small but it's actually quite large on the inside.  It's peach-y and avocado-y in it's colorway with several flat screens for which to watch the Supreme Master Channel.  Awesome.  They also have pictures of American celebrities and World figures--a who's who of vegan-dom.  

I recognized our waiter from *somewhere* and finally we asked where we knew him from, and found he had worked at the failed vegan Vietnamese place on Main Street in Woodland almost 8 years ago.  I can't remember the name now, it's been that long. (That place was grubbing back then, too.  We were sorry to see it go but then we moved to Portland.)

We chose a creamy colored booth and looked around at the sparse decor, with exception of the large upside-down ceiling LH lighted graphic and the photos.  It's a bit crazy but now i want my logo painted on my ceiling.  Genius.

Now we've been twice now.  The first time I forgot my camera, so the 2nd time I made sure I could get pics.  First we started with a fresh roll (no pic for some reason, lame I know!) and their golden wonton.  Both were delicious.  The wontons are filled with a tofu mixture and was quite flavorful.  Lucy, our almost 6 year old, commandeered this plate as her own but we all got a taste.

 The girls got smoothies, made of their choice of mango, strawberry, banana or avocado.  They decided on their favorites, mango and banana and split the vegan burger.  It's a huge portion for one adult, much less one  kid!  They both raved about it, and I am glad we didn't get them each their own plate.  It appeared to be house-made with oats and tofu, and it was grilled perfectly.  YUMMERS.  We kept stealing their french fries and they kept grumbling us haha.  Too bad kid, you will share your golden french fries!  Between this, the wontons AND their smoothies--both girls were completely and totally satiated. 
 I enjoyed the Ocean plate.  Deliciously marinated chunks of soy with a seaweed crust with sauteed onion, tomato and peppers.  Paired with some brown rice and other than sneaking a fry now and then,I meditated on my plate of happiness.  And by meditate I mean stuffed my face.  It wasn't pretty. 
 Shawn chose the eggplant & tofu curry, a good GF choice.  I am in love with their thick yellow curry.  It is just so addictive I would love to marry it if it would have me. (sorry Shawn LOL)

And, just because we could we got dessert to-go.  The girls chose the carrot cake and I salivated at the cheesecake.  People were warned:  don't even look at my cheesecake or their will be dire consequences of epic proportion. It was velvety smooth and rich and sweet.  The kids were happy, Shawn was happy, and I was happy. So I give them an enthusiastic 5 tomatoes out of 5.  Please support local vegan business!

Loving Hut, Elk Grove
8355 Elk Grove Blvd suite 88
Elk Grove, CA


  1. Yeah, I could have done without the graphic seal hunting video showing (especially because my 5 year-old was there), but the food was good.