Monday, April 19, 2010

New China Restaurant

Located in the Greenhaven/Pocket area, the New China was the one place I actually CRAVED the whole time I lived in Oregon because no one made a veggie Mongolian "beef" like they do.  I had jonze for this place during my pregnancy with Lucy in 2004, then again after I delivered here we were still quite the regulars. When we moved and I realized no body does it better when it came to the Mongolian. Needless to say literally the minute we got back to Sacramento I NEEDED to get me some of that. I don't know if it's the spicy sauce, the green onions or those little crunchy white glass noodles on the bottom but I find it to be delicious.  I think you would too.
 As far as veggie options, the New China has several dishes with analog meats with a small "vegetarian" section on the menu.  But they also are quite helpful with switching out tofu for Shawn who is gluten free.  Although there are no vegan options in soups or appetizers, the fast service makes up for it.  Who has time for appetizers when the food comes so quickly?  I like to get right down to business here.

One of our favorite rice dishes is the garlic ginger fried rice.  The kids really enjoy this or the regular vegetable fried rice...we are somewhat of regulars so we don't need to even say "no egg", the staff knows we are vegan and are totally helpful.  Speaking of the kids, this is the Chinese restaurant you went to with your family as a kid.  There are big round glass topped tables complete with lazy-susans to spin.  That same hot tea flavor with a TV mounted in the corner with the news on mute, subtitled.  Big fountain sodas in plastic coke cups take me way back, too.  Seriously, I am not sure how long it has been at that location but it could have been there in the '70s in my home town.   It is never too busy, and they do a great business in area delivery/take-out. The hallway to the bathroom can be weird, and sometimes they could use a good scrubbing but hey--I am there for the grub. 

Before Shawn went gluten free, his favorite dish was the general tso's veggie chicken.  It is totally fried to perfection and just spicy enough.  Even though he can't have it, from time to time I crave this dish too.  And I get my Mongolian veggie beef to go! :)

I am giving the New China a consistent 3.5 tomatoes.  Go get your Cantonese on!
New China Restaurant 6363 Riverside Blvd Sacramento, CA 95831 (916) 424-1717

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