Open just one month, Sugar Plum Vegan is proving to be just what the Dr. ordered for midtown.  Now, full disclosure:  I am friends with Melissa the owner, and I nanny for her as well…BUT I am something of a Vegan Food Expert so I feel totally qualified to review the cafe.  :)

The locale is perfection, nestled in Midtown Sacramento in the old True Love 2 coffee-house.  There is a nice size front patio, and a huge covered back area that practically begs  you to hang out for longer.  Inside is cozy, with a sofa seating area, and indoor dining area as well.  SPV is perfect for big groups, meet-ups, receptions…and a big plus for us is it’s kid/family friendly.
Now, Sugar Plum Vegan is known for its baked goods.  Or was because the menu is holding its own against the whoopie pies, muffins, cakes…oh my.  But this review will focus on the new savory fare.  Of course you would not be disappointed in ANY way if you just came in for desert and coffee.  You would just be missing out on some seriously good food.

Soups, salads are a main staple of the menu, but Melissa is adding different specials weekly as well as weekend all you can eat brunch buffet.  So far we have tried the nachos (several times), a variety of the sandwiches and panini’s.  On this day, I was sad to hear they were out of sauerkraut for the tempeh ruben (I will so try again for that sandwich…those are one of my all time favs!), so today I tried the grilled ‘chicken’ quesadilla.  My dish was chocked full of grilled Match brand mock chicken, daiya mozzarella, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, olives and the most generous glop of vegan sour cream ever.  Thank you!  My eyes lit up, I swear. Next time, Ruben…you will be mine but I wasn’t disappointed at all with my 2nd choice.

Shawn was happy to see that a gluten-free bread was available for each sandwich.  His sandwich was the Portobello mushroom complete with the daiya brand vegan cheese.  His only comment between bites was something that sounded like “this is amazing” but I can’t be sure. I was hearing a lot of “yummy” noises, though. The mushroom was cooked perfectly, not slimy or overly oily.  The vegan cheese made it even better than you thought you ever could make at home.  I suggest don’t even try, because you don’t have the kitchen gear and you would make a mess.  :)

Each plate came with a garden salad that was perfectly dressed and fresh, which we finished with relish.  Eat yer greens!  As I digested,  I looked around and noticed a man taking his GINORMOUS half-eaten nachos to go (that dish is more than enough for two people to get stuffed), a college study group drinking coffee and eating cupcakes while chatting and typing on their laptops, a couple of young punk girls relaxing on the couch area.  The thing they all had in common was they were relaxed, diverse and happy.  And VEGAN.  All walks of life, all types of people, no pretentiousness.  It seems we got smiled and nodded at more times than I can remember anywhere in midtown:  I think it’s because we are in on the little Vegan Secret of eating with compassion.  Or maybe it’s that Sugar Plum Vegan is the only place that serves Daiya vegan cheese…you decide!  It could be a little of both.

SPV gets 4.5 tomatoes out of 5, go there without delay!  Thank me later.    
Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe, 2315 K st., Sacramento Ca.  916-706-3302. Check the website for days and hours of operations.  Call ahead for big groups/meet-ups.