Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome, and who are we?

(This blog was brought back to life after a half-hearted attempt originally on wordpress when we first came back to the Sacramento area in late 2008.  We promise not to be such slackers this time around!  :))  There is too much good vegan food to not be had!)

Our family is back in Sac!  After 3 years and some odd months of living in Portland, OR we are a mixed bag of emotions returning to California.  We have been spoiled ROTTEN with all of the effortless vegan delights to be had on every street corner.  OK, it wasn’t quite like that, but darned near I tell ya!
We poked around on the internet to find precious few places you can find vegan eating guides for the Sacramento area.  We thought we would take a page out of several comprehensive sources in PDX for vegans (and veggies alike) we use often, and compile our own list with more in-depth reviews, pictures and links.  Since we have young kids, we will also be interested in the “kid-friendly” factor.
So let me introduce ourselves and tell why we feel ever so qualified to lend our take on all the various eateries:  we LOVE food.  We love talking about food.  We love going out to eat and being merry.  We also love our fellow earthings, the animals.  We are a vegan family with a nice camera, compassion and a serious appetite!
Shawn will be making most of the informative posts regarding animal rights and vegan activism–he has his finger on the pulse of veganism, lol.  I, Jen, will be amateur photog and restaurant/food reviewer.  We will review separately and together, as it is necessary.  I just may throw in a few recipes from our perpetually in the works cookzine when going out to eat is not possible.

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